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Concrete Remediation Adelaide


We repair all concrete whether in Adelaide or Australia-wide

At Patch & Caulk we boast a team of highly qualified technicians who have the skills to repair concrete cancer and reinstate the structural integrity. Our technicians work tirelessly to ensure the integrity of the concrete is restored to its full strength.

Repair Mortar Spraying

Often where overhead application or a large volume of repair material is required our team at Patch and Caulk will repair by spraying the area with the most appropriate repair mortar using our Putzmeister SP11 Pump.

This repair method promotes excellent adhesion while also offering the benefits of a rapid delivery rate of material to the repair area in a single application.

When precast concrete panels are erected, remediation can be needed to correct any minor flaws.

It is important to hire a professional from Patch & Caulk to perform the remediation of concrete and concrete cancer, as improper remediation by a novice can actually make the flaw more noticeable.

Let Patch & Caulk help find the right solution for your project.