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Adelaide Waterproofing

Why waterproofing is important

We can’t stress the importance of adequate Adelaide waterproofing enough. First and foremost, leaks and water damage can be a massive risk to the structural integrity of a building. There’s also added health risk, because exposure to moisture laden environments can increase your susceptibility to respiratory ailments due to the growth of mould and mildew. And lastly, one of the less important factors is the aesthetic. A building that’s riddled with cracks with have lesser visual appeal which can impact its credibility—particularly one that relies on reputation like a hospital. Overall, a fully waterproofed interior or exterior space is key to cost-saving and maximising comfort. Make sure you opt for the long-term solution and contact the Patch & Caulk team to repair your surface! We’re equipped with the tools and expertise to get your Adelaide waterproofing done right, the first time.

Our crack repair methods

Are you in desperate need of Adelaide waterproofing to prevent structural damage? We use tried and test technology to effectively seal cracks in any interior or exterior setting. The product we use is Polyurethane, which is widely used due to its versatility and durability. It’s even trusted for subway tunnels, mineshafts and other poured concrete foundations—so you can rest assured that this product will deliver a high level of performance. To amend your surface, we use the injecting method to completely fill the cracks and restore structural integrity. This entire process can be completed in just a few hours and will actually prevent the reoccurrence of cracking in the future. Alternatively, we might suggest an epoxy crack injection which is a similar method that is more commonly used for foundation or structural cracks. For the most effective results, contact us for advice on your Adelaide waterproofing!

Why trust the Patch & Caulk team with your Adelaide waterproofing?

Patch & Caulk deliver a wide range of Adelaide waterproofing and concrete remediation servicesWith over 20 years of industry experience, our professional team work collectively to deliver well-rounded results at an affordable price. As a result of our dedication, we’ve built long-standing relationships with many in our local community. There are no pushy salespeople, there’s no upselling; just genuine workmanship to restore the visual appeal and structural integrity of any application. Despite being a locally owned and operated business, we’ve adopted the efficiency and highly organised business model of a large-scale company. However, one thing we’ll always maintain is our personalised approach to customer service. We listen to your needs and provide educated advice to give you confidence.

Let Patch & Caulk help find the right solution for your project.