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Adelaide Concrete Repairs

About Patch & Caulk

Guarantee the highest quality finishes in Adelaide concrete repairs with Patch and Caulk! With over 20 years’ experience behind our tradesmen, our wealth of knowledge, paired with our tailored skill has seen our capable team master the craft of concrete repairs, rendering and architectural repairs. Our qualified concrete remediators and caulkers work across various small to large scale commercial and industrial projects, consistently delivering outstanding results and exceeding client expectations. Let us find an ideal solution for all your Adelaide concrete repairs and concerns with our 4 services; caulking, concrete remediation, concrete waterproofing and epoxy flooring. We are renowned in the construction industry for our strong work ethic, exceptional technique and flawless finishings – it’s what gets our jobs over the line. So if you’re in need of a reliable and qualified team to take on your concrete repairs, contact us at Patch and Caulk.


Caulking is yet another feature included in our Adelaide concrete repairs service. Performed across numerous commercial and industrial buildings, we ensure that our caulking service can cater to a broad range of projects and clients in the surrounding metro area. Also known as a sealant, our caulking compound is used to close openings in walls, flooring, windows and other structures to minimise the flow of water, dust and air into the open cavity, and alternatively, work as a preventative for fire stopping. As there are numerous caulking options available, it is imperative that you select the right product for your specific job. With an abundance of knowledge and on-the-job experience, our Patch and Caulk experts will work to seek the best solution for you. So tell us about your project; contact our team on 0435 201 975 and organise your quote from a trusted business in Adelaide concrete repairs.

Let Patch & Caulk help find the right solution for your project.