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Adelaide Concrete Remediation

How can we restore the appeal of your concrete?

Patch & Caulk offer reputable construction patch and caulking services right across the Adelaide region. While concrete is a durable compound, a bit of wear and tear over time is inevitable. This can have quite an impact on the visual appeal and credibility of a building, which is particularly important for commercial and government facilities that need to maintain a good reputation. To assist with the repair process, we offer three core services: patching, caulking and waterproofing.

Concrete Remediation

This service is applicable to precast, off-form and in-situ concrete surfaces. Our goal is to flawlessly patch up any cracks and blemishes to get your concrete surface looking as good as new!


We use a premium sealing solution to close up gaps in floors, windows, walls and various other concrete structures. For all your Adelaide concrete remediation needs, stick with the professionals who care!

Other services we offer

In addition to our Adelaide concrete remediation services, we also offer waterproofing and epoxy flooring. Waterproofing is integral to expanding the life and structural integrity of a concrete surface or structure. As well as causing degradation, it can lead to the growth of mould and mildew which is known to cause respiratory issues. To seal crack, we inject a product called polyurethane which successfully fills, seals and hardens to effectively repair the damage. Alternatively, we might recommend a similar product called epoxy which is more commonly used on foundation or structural concrete cracks. Whether it’s a balcony, bathroom, commercial building or laundry, our team will come equipped to tackle the job. In regards to our epoxy flooring, it’s essentially gloss-finish concrete flooring that’s designed to deliver both durability and style to applications like showrooms, retail spaces and even standard living areas. We offer a range of colours and styles!

For any enquiries or to make a booking with the most efficient and reliable Adelaide concrete remediation team, give Patch & Caulk a call on 0435 201 975 or email Steve at [email protected]. We’ll have all your concrete surfaces fully restored and good as new!

Let Patch & Caulk help find the right solution for your project.