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Adelaide Concrete Grinding

What is concrete grinding?

Adelaide concrete grinding is a process that works to prepare and treat concrete surfaces in order to provide the ultimate base for your chosen floor coating system. Our industrial grade equipment works to remove any stubborn residues, adhesives, rough or uneven surfaces, revealing a well primed, smooth and shiny exterior that is ready for application.

Good preparation of your flooring is a key component to successfully installing your coating, sealant or polish, therefore you need to entrust professionals who will perform the appropriate assessment and treatment of your flooring. Our Patch & Caulk team offers a reliable, cost-effective and professional solution to floor preparation, achieving stellar results across numerous small and large scale commercial and industrial projects. Not only have we developed the skill to guarantee a high-quality outcome, we continue to implement new developments to ensure that we provide the best in Adelaide concrete grinding.

Advantages of Adelaide concrete grinding

  • Adelaide concrete grinding will eliminate any and all existing imperfections and faults, revealing a restored surface that is basically as good as new.
  • From old paint, spills and cement, to glues, pastes and gums, grinding can remove any and all surface impurities and preps the concrete for the application of a coating or polish.
  • The grinding process will expose the pores of the concrete, facilitating the bond between the chosen coating or polish. This process will ensure that the new coating or sealant is applied with no unsightly blemishes, bubbles or cracks.
  • The priming of your concrete allows for an easy installation of any type of flooring. Whether its tiles, floorboards or carpet, your concrete will boast longevity and resistance for years to come.
  • Adelaide concrete grinding improves overall durability; the overall integrity of the surface will not be affected, regardless of how many times the concrete has been grinded.

Our exceptional standards, meticulous processes and flawless finishes have earned us a reputation for being number 1 in quality. For an Adelaide concrete grinding service that that promises superior outcomes, Patch & Caulk are the team to call.

Rest assured you’re in safe hands with Patch & Caulk. We apply our expert knowledge and sought-after skill in Adelaide concrete grinding across large civil, commercial projects. To organise your quote today, call us on 0435 201 975.

Let Patch & Caulk help find the right solution for your project.