We patch all concrete in Adelaide whether it’s precast concrete or off form

Concrete patching is nearly always needed for off form, isutu and precast concrete in Adelaide. At Patch and Caulk Pty. Ltd. we boast a team of highly qualified patchers who have the skills to flawlessly patch concrete so it looks like there was never a blemish. Our technicians work tirelessly to ensure the concrete surface is returned to its original appearance.

Importance of patching pre cast concrete in Adelaide

Precast concrete differs from standard concrete in the way it is manufactured. Unlike standard concrete that is manufactured and cured on site, precast concrete is produced in a controlled environment. As its name suggests, it is manufactured and  transported to the construction site to be installed.

Many in the building industry favour precast concrete owing to its enhanced quality. Allowing the concrete to cure offsite, rather than on, results in increased quality of both workmanship and materials. The process is also a lot safer and the cost of formwork is reduced. Precast concrete is used in a variety of different architectural applications. It comes in a range of sizes and can be used to clad parts or entire facades.

When precast concrete panels are erected, patching can be needed to correct any minor flaws. It is important to hire a professional from Patch and Caulk Pty. Ltd. to perform the patching, as improper patching by a novice can actually make the flaw more noticeable.

Concrete patching brands we utilise:

  • Aftek
  • Parchem

If you would like to learn more about our patching services, please contact our friendly team at Patch and Caulk Pty. Ltd. With years of experience behind us, we will repairs all the flaws in your concrete work, whether it’s on in situ or precast concrete in Adelaide.