Professional construction caulking services in Adelaide

Patch and Caulk Pty. Ltd. offers reputable construction caulking services across Adelaide. We cater for a range of clients and perform caulking on commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Our professional technicians are committed to achieving a quality finish that meets customers’ high expectations. In both workmanship and materials we strive for excellence. In doing so, we follow closely in accordance to the manufacturer’s specifications in order to uphold warranties from the manufacturer.

We apply caulking to the following areas in Adelaide:

Our talented team carry out caulking on a variety of different materials and areas including:

  • In situ concrete
  • Construction joints
  • Brickworks
  • Precast panels
  • Masonary structures
  • Alacubond
  • Caulking of concrete saw cuts
  • Windows
  • Door frames
  • Firewall
  • Penetration areas

What is caulking?

Caulking is both a material and process that has been utilised for centuries. Often referred to as sealant, caulk is a non-structural, physical compound that delivers a non-porous seal that is both air and water tight. The flexible sealing compound is used to close gaps in walls, floors, windows and other building structures. It’s purpose it to prevent the entry of water, dust, insects, air, or alternatively as a component in fire stopping. Caulk can be used to seal joints even if the materials being sealed are not similar in substance.

What is caulk made from?

Over the years, caulk has been manufactured using a range of different materials. Caulk, in its earlier days, was made using materials like tar, oakum or pitch. In this form, it was used in nautical and plumbing applications. These days, newer chemical substances are utilized in the manufacturing process. Caulk is now manufactured in a variety of different forms including silicone, petroleum, acrylic and latex. No matter what material it is created from, caulk is applied in a gel-like paste.

What is the purpose of caulking?

With some many different caulking options available, it is important to choose the right caulk for the right purpose. While the main purpose of caulk is to provide a seal, caulk does acts differently depending on the material it is manufactured from. For example, in some situations caulk is required to develop into a solid mass, whereas for other uses it needs to remain flexible. Furthermore, some people may want to be able to paint or stain the caulk surface so it blends in together.

Caulking brands we utilise:

  • Sika
  • Bostik
  • Fuller

Let Patch and Caulk Pty Ltd. fill your caulking needs in Adelaide. For more information please contact our friendly team today.