Epoxy flooring is the perfect solution for your Adelaide commercial or residential space.

Patch and Caulk is the first in Adelaide to bring you this AMAZING E2U Epoxy Flooring system. One day Epoxy application, two day completion including crack repairs.

Patch and Caulk specialises in an amazing TWO DAY Epoxy Flooring system for residential garages and commercial spaces in Adelaide..

We are the first and only company in South Australia to bring you the amazing E2U Epoxy Floor products and install process.

Day One - We expertly grind and repair any cracks or damage in your existing garage floor.

Day Two - Apply Epoxy and your chosen Flake and a Polyaspartic 85 Top Coat.

Your brand new Epoxy Floor will be ready for pedestrian traffic within 12 hours and fully cured in 48 hours ready to be driven on.

Most other Epoxy suppliers would still be preparing and applying your Epoxy floor AND you would then need to wait another 14 days before you could park your car on it!

Call Steve: 0435 201 975 or email projects@patchandcaulk.com.au to talk through your new Epoxy Flooring options here in Adelaide.

With proper care, Epoxy Floor coatings will

maintain their original beauty for years to come.


Available in a range of forms including coloured, plain, decorative and flake floors, they can also bring your business an array of other features:

  • Resistant to moisture, humidity and chemical damage.
  • Smooth, seamless finish
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable and able to bare heavy loads and vehicles
  • Non marking, skid resistant
  • Can be used as a correcting component for damaged and uneven floors
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Heat and fire resistant

Epoxy Flooring Flake colour options


Epoxy Flooring is used in many industries to protect surfaces from foot and vehicle traffic, acid, chemicals, oils and solvents.


As Epoxy Flooring is hard wearing and easily cleaned, it is a cost-effective solution that is suitable for a wide range of commercial uses and industries, including:

  • Warehouses
  • Showrooms
  • Sporting facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Factories
  • Commercial shops and businesses
  • Realestate development
  • Home garages

Our clients can rest assured that our Epoxy Flooring solutions are the exceptional standard and finish they have come to expect from Patch and Caulk.


It isn’t likely you’ll get the cheapest quote for your new Epoxy Floor from Patch and Caulk. We aren’t ashamed to come right out and tell you that. Why? Because we don’t compete on price. We only compete on quality finishes and when it comes to quality we’re #1. We quote your job based on what it’s going to cost to do your job at the standard we’re proud of and most importantly that will give you a finished product YOU will LOVE that’s going to last.

Here’s what you get included in the price from Patch and Caulk that isn’t always easy to see when you’re comparing the quotes and the numbers

  • The highest quality products. Our new E2U Epoxy range is EPIC stuff.
  • The latest technology ensuring we can get your Epoxy Floor finished faster than anyone else in Adelaide. In ONLY 2 DAYS.
  • YEARS of experience when it comes to concrete repairs. Putting you and your floor in expert hands.
  • A team that CAN and WILL be able to foresee and/or deal with any tricky situation that might arise in your job and get it sorted for you.

So if you want a high quality Epoxy Floor installed by experts give Patch and Caulk a call.

Call Steve: 0435 201 975 or email projects@patchandcaulk.com.au

  • Including size of the floor, any damage or cracks to be repaired, etc
  • Please attach some photos of the space and areas that need repairing to help us give you a more accurate initial quote.
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