Skim coating is a coating technique which makes a wall or ceiling smooth. Most drywellers use skim coating to cover imperfect taping job, producing a plaster-like appearance when a really smooth surface is required. Typically, areas that needs skim coating are well-lit areas or areas that has strong light reflection.

As mentioned above, only areas that’s been greatly striken by light must be skim coated because the process eats a lot of time. Apart from well-lit areas, ceiling and walls which will be coated using gloss or semigloss paint must also be skim coated because reflective paint have strong tendency to emphasize defects.

Patch & Caulk has years of experience when it comes to skim coating. It has skim coated ceiling, wall, and other areas which require level 5 drywall finish (no visible evidence of fasteners or seams).

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