In construction, re-work is defined as inessential work of re-doing a process or activity that was erroneously implemented at the first attempt. Within the construction industry, re-work has been considered as notable cause that contributes to project delay and added project cost.

There are several reasons why re-work is warranted. In some cases, the need for rework arises after a building and pest inspection has been done. It is done to improve the structure’s stability as security features of the structure may have been compromised by wear and tear or pest infestations.

Another reason for re-work could be inappropriate installation of construction materials while the building is being developed.

At Patch & Caulk, we understand that re-works are added and unwanted costs that clients shoulder to be able to have a project get done. Since this cannot be eliminated, we give our clients the peace of mind of high quality materials and end product; or if re-work is needed, we pride ourselves of not overcharging our clients.

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